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Levi Johnston to appear in music video. Hasn't that clock hit 15 yet?

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Image Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosAccording to the AP, Levi Johnston is going to appear in a music video. Yes, that Levi Johnston — the former hockey player best known for knocking up Bristol Palin, having trouble staying engaged to her the first time around, spending the past year picking fights with the Palins at large, then magically re-convincing Bristol to marry him, which just proves that love is a magical force we should never, ever fight, because we will lose, or something. Anyway, according to Johnston’s attorney, Levi is looking forward to doing the video. “It will give him an opportunity to act a little bit in front of a camera,” says the attorney. “He’s done a commercial before, but something like this is a little more involved.”

Johnston will be challenging his acting chops as accompaniment to a song called “After Love,” a lukewarm slice of R&B cheesesteak from Brittani Senser, who is the daughter of a former NFL football player. The AP also caught a glimpse of the video treatment: “The couple share tender moments before they are driven apart by the young woman’s mother. Unaware that her mom’s interference forced her boyfriend to go, she ‘throws herself into her mother’s arms. She tells her mother that she was wrong about Levi.'”

I’ve gone ahead and embedded a live clip of Ms. Senser performing “After Love” after the jump. I invite you to spend as much time as you’d like envisioning her sharing tender moments with Levi (pictured above), and then being driven apart by a mother figure. Possibly one toting a shotgun. And bearing a faint resemblance to Tina Fey. 

What do you think, Mixers? Is this a song befitting Mr. Johnston’s fame and abilities? Shouldn’t the Playgirl spread have killed off at least 14 of his 15 minutes? And for those who saw Bristol on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, who do you predict will be the better actor in this odd but utterly American family?

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