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Could Kristin Cavallari make it as a serious actress?

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Image Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosA few days ago, Kristin Cavallari reportedly told OK! that she’d like to take a crack at serious acting. “I am starting to work with an acting coach again and I would love to work with Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, and Sean Penn,” she said at the premiere of Salt, which she was invited to because…umm…. Nope. No idea.

Now, before you punch a hole right through your monitor (They’re expensive! You’re at work!), let’s give this a couple seconds of actual, dignified consideration.

In her favor: We’ve pretty much established that The Hills is something short of 100 percent unscripted. In which case, Cavallari has done a pretty bang-up job of portraying the many shades of boredom, vague annoyance, and inebriation required for her role as the series’ anti-heroine. Would it be that big of a jump to throw her in an actual movie? Nobody’s saying she should do Anna Karenina, but couldn’t the gal carve out a career playing girlfriends or coworkers or coworkers who turn out to be girlfriends? Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time a reality star made the transition to serious big-screen parts. (Looking at you, Jacinda Barrett.)

Against her: Cavallari’s acting résumé so far includes such triumphs as Van Wilder: Freshman Year, Spring Breakdown, and something called Wild Cherry, which I think we can safely assume had nothing to do with stone fruits. The only time I’ve ever actually seen her attempt acting was on an episode of Veronica Mars, and…well, let’s just say I used word “attempt” for a reason. And more importantly, we the moviegoers might have a tough time buying any actress in a real role once we’ve seen her, say, get LASIK on YouTube, or pole-dance wasted in Cabo, or interact in any way whatsoever with Heidi Montag.

Okay, now that we’ve taken a look at both sides, let’s bring it to a vote!