Adam Markovitz
July 22, 2010 AT 01:21 PM EDT

Ever gotten so hot and sticky in the summer that you wanted to fill a dumpster with cold water and just dive in? Yeah? You and Bill Murray both, pal! (Note to self: Find ways to use that retort more often.)

The comedian, who’s plugging his new movie Get Low (out next Friday) made a memorable entrance on Letterman last night when he took a dip in a trash dumpster-cum-swimming pool. Before you ask, yes, these things really do exist, at least in NYC. Watch the clip below.

Of course, this is hardly Murray’s first on-camera stunt. Check out a few other classics here:


Asking all-powerful CBS CEO Les Moonves for Super Bowl tickets

Heckling a (pretend) heckler on Letterman

Reading poetry to construction workers

Which one is your favorite? Are there any classics I missed? And if you haven’t already read my coworker Jeff Labrecque’s amazing piece on Murray (“The Curious Case of Hollywood’s White Whale”), do yourself a favor and click that link now!

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