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'Big Brother' instant react: Did the pawn go home?

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Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSFact: Past seasons of Big Brother have taught us that when a contestant is labeled a pawn, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe. Also a fact: Some people were hoping Matt would get backdoored this week after his annoying display of over confidence in the past few episodes. Yet another fact: The term “backdoored” makes me a little uncomfortable. All this in mind, what happened this week, you ask? [Stop reading now if you haven’t watched Thursday’s episode of Big Brother.]

Well, Monet was unsurprisingly sent home after a week as HOH Rachel’s main target. As Rachel reminded us in her message to the evictee, Monet was, like, trying get between Rachel and Brendon, and you, like, just don’t do that. Because, like, Rachel and Brendon are the real thing, and Brendon is, like, once in a lifetime. Like, worth more than $500,000.

At the beginning of the episode, it seemed as though Matt didn’t have a chance of going home, and that Monet was destined for eviction (…or death; I couldn’t tell judging by all the tears). But a house meeting organized by Rachel midway through the episode almost turned into a game-ending confrontation for the bragging genius. Yet, he somehow talked his way out of the situation. Gotta admit: That took skill.

And so another round of foolish voting once again saved the stronger player on the block from elimination. As awesome as Annie was (Saboteur and all), we always knew Rachel was going to rise to power if she wasn’t voted out early. We saw that happen this week. Will the same happen for Matt or even Britney (one of the original nominees for this week)?

The ongoing HOH competition will determine a lot about where the game goes from here. We find out on Sunday’s episode who wins that competition, and  those of us who spoil ourselves will find out sooner. But who has time for that? It’s not like I sit by my computer all day waiting to find out. I have so many better things to do, like… whatever. Stop judging me. In the meantime, tell me what you thought about the episode.  Do you think the right person went home? Full recap in the A.M.