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'Psych' season premiere: Shawn is part Chinese... now

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Image Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA NetworkPsych is back, and as much as I enjoy the endless pop culture references in Shawn and Gus’ banter, the physical comedy still gets me. While investigating the kidnapping of what ultimately became a young couple who happened to be the children of the leaders of two rival Chinese Triad gangs, Shawn took a wushu class to do some surveillance. Naturally, he thought he was awesome at it and suddenly had the skills to do things he never should have attempted. Below, a few clips.

As for actual character development, Juliet, in a desk job at City Hall while she recovered from her near-death experience in last season’s finale, got back on the horse in time to save Shawn from getting his ass kicked by the brother who’d taken his sibling and the pregnant girlfriend to start a gang war. She also darkened her hair a bit, which unlike Gus, I’ve yet to fully warm to. Oh, and she and Shawn nearly shared a hug. I’m all for seeing more of Corbin Bernsen on the show, but his new job as liaison for the police department (which means he gets to choose when to hire Shawn and Gus as consultants), has him wearing suits. I prefer Henry in casual wear. Discuss.

Gus talks Shawn’s way into a class for 5 to 8 year olds

Shawn attempts to maneuver his way into a second story window, takes a good kick to the face, tries to join a fight, doesn’t quite clear a fence

Shawn finally gets his battle

What’d you think of last night’s premiere, PopWatchers?