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'Big Brother': Nothing 'perfect-er' than mayonnaise-filled pinatas

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Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSThings we now know about Britney: She can’t be trusted with a 10-foot pole, and she’s giddy about being let off “scotch free.” (SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading this mini-recap of Big Brother 12 here if you haven’t seen tonight’s episode!) None of that makes a dang bit of sense, but neither does the plan by the Brigade (and I feel so stooopid for even repeating that nickname) to backdoor Annie when Brendan and Rachel-with-those-ridiculous-boobs have formed the house’s most obvious alliance. And how do we know this? They all but made out right there on the lazy susan!

This has to be a Big Brother first: Two players going immediately front and center with their canoodling and not giving a damn about how it may reflect on their game play. But then, Brendon has reason to feel a little cocky: In a house that’s quickly demonstrated a keen ability to massacre the English language (there’s nothing more “perfect-er” than a tool like Enzo who thinks he’s got the game by the balls when he really doesn’t), Brendon has proved to be a veritable wordsmith by spelling out “understanding” during that brilliant veto competition (major kudos to the person who’s coming up with the challenges. I’ve totally dug them so far). It’s not that I’m particularly high on Brendon: His threats to Hayden were pretty short-sighted, just like his decision to publicly liplock Rachel-with-those-ridiculous-boobs. But vengeance is not only sweet, it’s awesome to watch – so I look forward to the payback that Brendon will be serving up to Hayden next week.

Back to Britney. Despite Enzo and Hayden’s warning that she keep her trap shut, Britney made the inexplicable decision to tell Annie that she’s under suspicion of being in an alliance with Brendon and Rachel-with-the-ridiculous-boobs. That teed up a self-preservation pitch by Annie to Hayden, but this week’s HOH wasn’t interested in what she had to say: Once Brendon took himself of the block, Annie became the new candidate for ouster. Naturally, Annie now blames Britney. A catfight seems imminent. Just makes me want to throw a “pinata siesta” to celebrate – but I’d prefer to stay alert (you may be a chemist, Rachel-with-those-ridiculous-boobs, but you ain’t no bilingual babe).

Other passing thoughts: I was a little embarrassed about seeing Brendon shed a tear (or two) about his nomination, I do NOT believe the saboteur’s claim that two of the houseguests are lifelong friends, and I had no clue that mayonnaise was kosher.  The things you learn from the best reality show on television! What about you? Did you buy Andrew’s claim that Ragan and Matt were in a romantic relationship? Do you think Annie is the next to go? Do you think participation on a college baseball team is the best preparation for a Big Brother veto challenge?