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Tonight is the series finale of MTV’s The Hills and the end of a certain pop culture era. In 2006, we all saw ourselves as Lauren: a young girl arriving in a new city, looking for friendship, love, and success. We could relate to her attempts at having at all, and she and her friends were just like us…with much more glamorous wardrobes, homes, and jobs. (Well, “jobs.”) There were a few surprises  — check out The Hills: 12 Game-Changing Moments gallery — and there were plenty of episodes we just loved. After six seasons of hookups, breakups, friends, jobs, and dating, what moments from The Hills stuck with you? Our top picks:

“The Girl Who Didn’t Go to Paris” — When Teen Vogue West Coast Editor Lisa Love offered Lauren Conrad the chance of a lifetime — the opportunity to travel to Paris for the summer — we were giddy with excitement. What more could a budding fashionista ask for? But young love proved to be stronger than career ambition, and Lauren decided to pass up the trip for a summer at the beach with then-boyfriend Jason Wahler. We watched Whitney Port roll her suitcase up to the LAX curb, cheerfully greeting Lisa Love, ready to take the fashion world by storm. Lauren would be remembered as “the girl who didn’t go to Paris,” raising the question, love or career? Can’t we have both?

Heidi moves in with Spencer — Lauren and Heidi were both new to Los Angeles, and together they navigated their new city and new lives. Being roommates was drama-free until sweet little Heidi met Spencer Pratt. Lauren had her doubts — Spencer initially pursued Audrina as well — but when Heidi announced she planned to move in with her new boyfriend, Lauren was at a loss. In season two’s dramatic finale, the girls’ time as roomies had ended, as well as any shred of normalcy in their relationship (or Spencer’s psyche). As the U-Haul pulled away, Heidi left Lauren, and the rest of us, for good, choosing Spencer as her new partner.

Heidi vs. Lauren at Les Deux — After Heidi moved out, her friendship with Lauren continued to disintegrate as the war between her former roommate and her current boyfriend Spencer raged on. When rumors of an alleged Lauren-Jason sex tape surfaced, Lauren thought all signs pointed to Spencer, with Heidi guilty by association. The two crossed paths at Les Deux, and armed with new best friend/roommate Audrina, Lauren publicly called Heidi out for her suspicious ways, for all their fellow clubgoers to hear. The sex tape rumors had been circulating the media as well, making one of the earliest references to the newfound “celebrity” that had found The Hills‘ cast. From that point on, no one ever seemed to be unaware of their role on a reality show. Call it the end of innocence, the official death of a friendship, or just a good old fashioned cat fight, but “you know what you did!” will forever live in reality TV infamy.

Does the end of The Hills make you at all sentimental, PopWatchers? Which moments were the most important to you?

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