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The Queen adds crystal-encrusted 3-D glasses to the royal jewels

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Image Credit: Chris Jackson-Pool/Getty ImagesLast spring, President Obama presented her with the gift of an iPod. Today, while Queen Elizabeth was visiting Pinewood Studio’s outpost in Canada, she slipped on a pair of 3-D eyeglasses. If this keeps up, pretty soon 84-year-old Elizabeth II will be playing Rock Band 2 while video-chatting with Prince Charles on their new iPhones.

The Queen didn’t don any old pair of 3-D glasses, by the way; her’s were encrusted with Swarovski crystals forming the letter “Q” on either side, looking like something T-Pain might wear to the Grammys. But, judging from video snippets of the event posted on telegraph.com.uk.com, it’s hard to imagine she was all that impressed by what she saw in 3-D in Toronto: It was some sort of costumed Bollywood-style dance number that didn’t have even one giant blue Na’vi Princess in it. Personally, if I was going to show the Queen of England a sample of 3-D filmmaking, I would have picked something a little different. Piranha 3D, perhaps?

Because you have nothing better to do today, Popwatchers, what 3-D movies would you show the sovereign leader of Great Britain?