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Ryan Seacrest and Laurie Ann Gibson's new dance show for E!: What should it look like?

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Image Credit: PRN/PR Photos; Mark Dye/PR PhotosE! and Ryan Seacrest are teaming up with Lady Gaga choreographer Laurie Ann “Boom Kat Pow!” Gibson for a series about choreographers and dancers in Los Angeles. On one hand UGH, yet another dance show; on the other, Laurie Ann Gibson is crazy and that has to be worth something.

I’d like to see this new series focus on choreographers — maybe watching them compete to see which one can concoct the most exciting weekly routines for a set pool of dancers — or at least I think it would make sense for a series to do that. Because let’s be honest: With So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Best Dance Crew, Dancing With the Stars, Dance Your Ass Off, and CBS’ upcoming Got to Dance, who isn’t experiencing competitive dance series fatigue right about now? At this point in time, E! might be better off considering a single-camera comedy featuring Ryan Seacrest, all alone on a stage, trying desperately to keep up with the 2005 dance-along DVD Breakin’ It Down with Laurie Ann Gibson. It might get higher ratings. But I am being a total jerk today due to the heat. What do you want this show to look like? [THR]

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