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Lunchtime Poll: Xtina's big-screen debut or Cher's comeback?

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A gallery of seven stills from Burlesque hit the Internet this week, causing waves of excitement among diva aficionados, the Gays, fans of the small-town-girl-conquers-the-big-city film genre, and Bob Mackie (not that these categories are mutually exclusive, mind you). And while, personally, I’m curious to see whether Christina Aguilera the Actress is more Diana Ross in Lady Sings the Blues or Mariah Carey in Glitter, I’m even more stoked for the cinematic return of Cher! (Yes, that sentence did, in fact, require an exclamation point.) Come on now, you know you loved her in Silkwood, Mermaids, Moonstruck, and Suspect, and (whoa!) I just realized all her best roles came in flicks that had one-word titles, so perhaps Burlesque will continue that trend. But I digress. And I’m also trying to sway your vote. So let’s get on with the poll question, shall we? [Related: We rate 11 divas’ big-screen debuts.]

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