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Off broadway's newest comedy pair

Jerry Seinfeld and Colin Quinn’s new stage project

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Jerry Seinfeld and former SNL player Colin Quinn have been friends for decades. And every few weeks, the pair meet at NYC’s Brooklyn Diner to chew on breakfast — and the comedy biz. Recently, their discussion turned to Colin Quinn Long Story Short, the 51-year-old comic’s one-man, 75-minute history of the civilizations. Seinfeld, 56, is making his stage-directing debut on the show, which plays at Off Broadway’s Bleecker Street Theatre through Aug. 13.

Jerry On How He Met Colin

”New York in the ’80s. I was there, he was there. That’s my answer to everything.”

Colin On His Pitch

”Every time I pitched this to people, they’d frown, and I’d be like, ‘No, it’s funny!’ The show’s about the history of the empires, but it’s funny — I swear! I look at cultural, ethnic, and behavioral things that happened over the years, from the cavemen to now.”

Jerry On Colin’s Pitch

”What if a really funny guy told the story of human civilization in 75 minutes? Which is what he does. A lot of it is just for fun, but a lot of it hits on some rich veins of truth. It’s like a funny bit, but then you think about it afterwards. He can tell you the difference between the Portuguese and the Pakistani, and he’ll break it down to a very simple Queens pizza-place metaphor.”

Colin On Jerry Directing

”You need a name to be on it or reviewers are not going to review it. When I saw that it said ‘Directed by Jerry Seinfeld’ on the poster, I was like, ‘That’s cool!”’

Jerry On Being a First-Time Director

”It’s one guy on stage, so I know that. I know exactly the rhythms of it, how it should flow, where we need a chapter, where we need punctuation. You’ll feel like you’re seeing a great stand-up comedian, but instead of doing an act that rambles around, he’s telling you a story.”

Colin on Theater Versus Stand-Up

”People listen more in theater. You can’t bulls — – by.”