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2010's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity is not Entertainment Weekly writer Michael Ausiello

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The above headline seems like the most obvious statement in the world to me on so many levels, but today PETA has officially confirmed it. EW’s Michael Ausiello, a.k.a. the office’s biggest loser, is a less sexy vegetarian than actual celebrity Bob Harper, a trainer on The Biggest Loser. House‘s Olivia Wilde edged out Lisa Edelstein for the lady title. Winners Harper and Wilde are both proud vegans. When asked if he thought his non-veganism hurt his chances, Ausiello told PopWatch exclusively, “It’s possible.” Ausiello, who claims to be “heading in a vegan direction,” then selected a dark chocolate Kit Kat for the road as he wandered away from my door for the 17th time today. Ausiello was later spotted weeping at his desk while using said Kit Kat to stir a large bowl of cage-free raw eggs. He asks for your patience as a recount is conducted.

From PETA’s press release: “Other celebrities who landed in the top 10 include Alec Baldwin, Ellen DeGeneres, Emily Deschanel, Joaquin Phoenix, Michael Ausiello, Russell Brand, and Sarah Silverman.” Cookie Monster responds after the jump!

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Better luck next year, colleague!

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