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'Mad Men': It's hard to get obsessed with promos that tell us nothing. But I'm a go-getter and I did it!

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Pop Culture Pet Peeve: Ubiquitous promos that tell us nothing about the new season. Come on, Mad Men: Give me something! A glimpse at which plaid Don will be draped in during rare cozy-time scenes! A [click-click-hair toss] from Joan! An explanation for what Don Draper was up to in the great outdoors during filming! I want at least one new mysterious word-clump of dialogue per promo per week until the July 25 premiere, so we can continue to needlessly post them here and figure out what it all means. Video’s after the jump.

Shhhhhh, Mad Men, I am still hopelessly devoted to you and am not really mad, don’t tell anyone.

Do clip show promos piss you off, or do you examine them for clues and troll them for hidden gems of Roger Sterling silver anyway?

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