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'Hung' season premiere: Awkward fun or just awkward?

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Image Credit: Lacey TerrellThe funny thing about Ray Drecker on last night’s premiere of Hung was that for a male prostitute, he sure is acting a lot like a first timer. And for the most part, it was endearing.

Take for example his concern for his pregnant client Claire’s unborn baby. The episode was titled “Just the Tip.” That’s all I’m saying. He later revealed to Tanya that his reservations with Claire (played by Kathryn Hahn) were in most part due to his wife — he used to love having sex with her when she was pregnant and had a hard time getting over that memory. For the record, he eventually did. I couldn’t decide if their post-sex cuddling was uncomfortable to watch or sweet. Maybe both.

Ray’s client wasn’t his only problem in the episode. His school’s funding problems were beginning to affect his team’s ability to travel to their away baseball games and in what is likely to become a season-long arc, Ray was fighting to reconnect with wife Jessica (Anne Heche), especially in light of their almost encounter at the end of last season. Ray approached both issues with equal parts naive can-do attitude and desperation, and the episode left me feeling bad for Ray. He’s still not quite finding his footing as a “male-ho,” the guy’s clearly lonely (despite his rendezvous with his neighbor), and he’s seeing the one constant in his life (his job) slipping away from him.

Even in his current state, Ray has fewer problems than Tanya, who can’t even take control of her gig as co-pimp because Lenore is intent on dominating the operation. Enter Charlie (Lennie James), a veteran pimp who runs his operations out of an all-night donut shop. Charlie’s oozing confidence and Tanya’s frantic and uneasy demeanor were on-screen kismet. Not to mention, he gave quite sound advice (“Make him want the leash”). I could stand to see more of these two, and I’m fairly sure I’ll get my wish.

While we’re granting TV wishes, would it be too much to ask for no more children? Damon and Darby could possibly be interesting characters on another show, but their scenes remained as unwatchable as they were last season. Same goes for Anne Heche.

What about you, PopWatchers? What did you think of the season premiere of Hung?