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Mel Gibson's personal issues: Career hindrance or minor annoyance?

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Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com


Is it me or does it kind of feel like 2006 right now? Just months before Mel Gibson released Apocalypto, his directorial follow-up to The Passion of the Christ, he was hit with a spate of bad press over his DUI arrest and resulting altercation with a Jewish police officer in California. Now, in advance of his next starring role in The Beaver, he’s a TMZ fixture yet again thanks to the soap opera involving his ex-girlfriend (and mother of his eight-month-old daughter), Oksana Grigorieva, who’s claiming a lack of child support and physical abuse at the hands of Gibson.

The whole thing is doubly unfortunate since it takes attention away from what I think is a very interesting sounding film. The Beaver, directed by Gibson’s longtime friend Jodie Foster, is about a man who for some reason can only communicate through an animal in the form of the titular rodent. It’s set for release in October, at which point there will undoubtedly be loads of media stories asking whether fans will want to support Gibson despite all his personal issues. So let’s get a jump start on it now. Are any of you less likely to want to see a Gibson film given his off-screen troubles? Or does the whole drama not matter to you?