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Hot Tub Time Machine

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Hot Tub Time Machine, Joan Cusack | HOT TUB TIME MACHINE Clark Duke, Rob Corddry, Collette Wolfe, John Cusack, and Craig Robinson rock the '80s
Rob McEwan

Hot Tub Time Machine

Current Status:
In Season
100 minutes
Wide Release Date:
John Cusack, Clark Duke, Craig Robinson
Steve Pink
Sean Anders, Josh Heald

We gave it a B

In 1992’s Unforgiven, an older and wiser Clint Eastwood returned to the genre that made him a star to make a statement about the films of his youth. In a way, Hot Tub Time Machine is John Cusack’s Unforgiven. If you grew up during the teen-comedy golden age of the ’80s, you undoubtedly have a huge soft spot for his screwball trilogy of The Sure Thing, Better Off Dead, and One Crazy Summer. Granted, none of these are great movies (well, maybe The Sure Thing). But they are a hell of a lot of fun, thanks to Cusack’s deadpan one-liners and bemused Everyguy appeal. The 44-year-old version can try to play it straight all he wants these days, but for a certain segment of his audience, he’ll always be Lane Meyer dodging a newspaper deliverer who really wants his two dollars. HTTM is literally a time warp back to the era of ”The Safety Dance” and bullies with upturned collars, as Cusack, his nerd nephew (Clark Duke), and his two oldest pals (The Office‘s Craig Robinson and The Daily Show‘s Rob Corddry) take a dip in a mystical Jacuzzi and wind up back in 1986 — at the moment their lives veered off course. Sure, the flick cribs a bit too much from the arrested-development raunch of Old School and The Hangover (especially in the slightly longer unrated version), but it’ll do until Cusack ages a few more years and decides it’s time to make his Million Dollar Baby. Stick around for the nine deleted scenes on the EXTRAS, where an ad-libbing Corddry shines. B

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