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'The Green Hornet' trailer: Seth Rogen and (the most crush-worthy) Jay Chou suit up

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The trailer for The Green Hornet, the adaptation of the comic book hero who masquerades as a villain in his fight for good, has hit the Web. Seth Rogen is the titular hero, Cameron Diaz his snappy secretary (thank you, Rogen & Co., for not hiring some 21-year-old newbie instead), and Oscar winner Christoph Waltz looks interesting as the ultimate crime lord. The delightful Michel Gondry is at the helm, which is just one more refreshing bit of the unexpected.

When Rogen’s character Britt, whom IMDB describes as the “debonair newspaper publisher,” hears of his father’s death, Rogen assumes his sad face, which made me kind of want to tickle his tummy and make him laugh. I most easily took him seriously in the early party scenes — Britt begins the movie as a boozing, privileged buffoon to his father’s stoic crusader — and when he was gasping in that nasal, froggy wheeze over gadgetry. That said, I believe I may have found a new crush in Jay Chou, who plays the Green Hornet’s inventive wing man Kato. (One desperate plea: Just as women should stop tripping or getting oopsy drunk in romantic comedies, the guys have gotta stop with the “no touching, dude” bit. It’s tired and mean.)

PopWatchers, what say you? Does this trailer do the job for you? Are you excited to see Seth Rogen whup ass? What rom-com or action movie tropes do you want to see die a quick death?