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Guess the artist from the track list!

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Image Credit: Image Source/Getty ImagesNew game, PopWatchers: Guess the artist from this list of tracks from his/her/their upcoming album. We’ve hidden the name of the new single so there’s no cheating. Still, this one’s pretty obvious, right? Answer after the jump.

1. “Brown Chicken Brown Cow”

2. “Hold My Beer”

3. “Cowboy’s Back in Town”


5. “Hell, I Can Do That”

6. “A Little Bit of Missing You”

7. “Still Love You”

8. “Don’t Mind If I Don’t”

9. “Ala-Freakin-Bama”

10. “Break Her Fall”

11. “Whoop A Man’s Ass”




It’s Trace Adkins. The album, Cowboy’s Back in Town, drops Aug. 24. The new single is “This Ain’t No Love Song,” which is sadly not a Bon Jovi cover. (That’s “This Ain’t a Love Song,” which would, actually, be a fantastic song for Adkins when you think about it.)