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Imagining Friends: The Movie
While talking to the L.A. Times recently, Courteney Cox floated the idea of a Friends film. (Jennifer Aniston has a great idea, she said.) Though nothing firm is planned, we got to thinking about what our friends from Central Perk might be up to on the big screen. Monica and Chandler: They’re still together and experiencing no major marital problems (because anything else would send us into a deep depression). Maybe they could be struggling with weight issues, since that’s so totally in at the moment — and the lady can cook. Ross and Rachel: We’re fine with breaking these two up. Or at least nearly breaking them up; how about a plot centered on Rachel fleeing their wedding (in a designer gown, natch) as a wink at the pilot? The gang must reunite to bring the will-they/won’t-they couple together. That way, we get cameos from all their great parents, plus any random characters who could reasonably be invited to the wedding (that means Janice, naturally). Joey: Clearly, the writers have to go meta here — his eponymous NBC sitcom tanked, so he returns to New York to be closer to his friends and help his sister (we need more Drea de Matteo in the movies), who’s on the run from the law after blowing someone up on some street called Wisteria Lane. Phoebe: She and Mike (Paul Rudd) open a ’90s-throwback coffeehouse, complete with ”Smelly Cat”-friendly open-mic nights. Top that, Ms. Aniston! — Jennifer Armstrong

The latest Funny or Die effort is a faux documentary trailer about original Karate Kid Ralph Macchio’s attempt to be a Hollywood bad boy. ”There’s a piece of me that did this to show the type of humor I love — irreverent, dark, parody — and to go to places I normally wouldn’t go,” Macchio says. ”[I wouldn’t] be cast as the guy who’d walk into a bar all coked up and get up in somebody’s face.” — Mandi Bierly

”The Prom Date,” a short produced by and starring Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, tells the story of a couple (Bateman and Rachael Harris) getting their daughter ready for prom. Says Bateman before meeting her older date (Arnett): ”[Boys] know how to act all polite, and before you know it they’ve got their Facebook all up in your Twitter.” — Emily Exton

”The Daily Show is an acting gig. Attack of the Show! is me hosting and being myself, being jokey but being me.” — Attack of the Show! host Olivia Munn about becoming a correspondent for The Daily Show

Besides Tom Cruise’s Les Grossman, what scene-stealer would you like to see in his/her own film?

Diddy as Sergio Roma, Get Him to the Greek, 10%
Zach Galifianakis as Alan Garner, The Hangover, 46%
Betty White as Grandma Annie, The Proposal, 13%
Puss In Boots, Shrek Forever After, 12%
Chloë Grace Moretz as Hit Girl, Kick-Ass, 17%

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