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Green Zone

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Green Zone, Matt Damon | GREEN ZONE Matt Damon discovers that Baghdad gets great reception (although the 3G coverage is spotty)
Jonathan Olley

Green Zone

Current Status:
In Season
115 minutes
Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear, Amy Ryan
Paul Greengrass
Brian Helgeland

We gave it a B+

After hopscotching across some of Europe’s more scenic cities in the two most recent Bourne thrillers, Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass head to Baghdad for this story of an incorruptible American soldier hunting for weapons of mass destruction. Damon’s great, but Amy Ryan deserves better as a reporter being suckered by a smug Pentagon type (Greg Kinnear). Green Zone‘s twist-filled take on the fog of war is smart, yet Greengrass is so hooked on caffeinated action scenes, the plot never catches its breath. Keep an eye out for The Kite Runner‘s Khalid Abdalla as a tragic Iraqi translator, though. He’s outstanding. As are the EXTRAS: some meaty deleted scenes, a doc with Damon talking about his real-life Iraq-war-vet costars, and an excellent back-and-forth commentary with the director and his leading man. B+

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