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On the superficial end, yeah, I love cars, power, and hot women. It’s great to see Vince riding in Ferraris. I’m amused when Ari screams at his minions. And new addition Dania Ramirez (who plays Turtle’s latest love interest) should know that she’s greatly appreciated. However, the real reason I watch Entourage is because of the bond between Vince, E, Turtle, and Drama. In between the macho personas and cheap jokes, there’s true respect and support. Watching Vince and the boys reminds me of hanging out with my friends, and that kind of bromance (yes, I said it) never gets old. —Brad Wete

Who knew a big-time movie star’s life could be so…snoozy? Props to Entourage for pulling off a stunning feat in our celeb-obsessed times — a slow, painful deglamorization of Hollywood life. What used to be a fun, wish-fulfilling look inside the life of an It Boy and his buddies has grown tediously predictable and repetitive: Ari’s still yelling at people, Drama still reeks of desperation, Vince is still devoid of any sign of an inner life. Those who have evolved slightly — Eric’s marrying a hot girl! Turtle runs a car service staffed by hot girls! — are somehow even more boring. Stars, they may be neurotic just like us, but I don’t need to watch a show about it. —Jennifer Armstrong

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