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Toy Story 3

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Image Credit: Disney/Pixar; Rolf Konow; Everett Collection; Paul Harris/Getty ImagesYesterday on PopWatch, we had a lively conversation about the creepiest toys in pop-culture history, and the comments section turned into the kind of scene where you want to turn on all the lights and stay on the phone with mommy. Seriously! Lesson learned: The world is filled with horrible plushies and figurines who are right this second sitting placidly on a bedroom shelf and plotting for the moment when they can slay you in your sleep, then roast your entrails over an open flame. Ugh. Too much? After writing that sentence, my face looks like this:

[x _x]

Anyway, now it’s time to take five of the toys most frequently mentioned by readers, put them in a room with Toy Story 3‘s disturbing Big Baby, and let them all fight it out for the title of Creepiest Toy Ever. In other words, only one of the toys is making it out of the room alive! Help decide their fates by voting in the poll below: We’ll print the results on the PopWatch page of the Entertainment Weekly issue hitting newsstands June 26. (FYI: The poll choices are listed in an order that corresponds with the images going clockwise from the top left.)

p.s. Annie thinks (NSFW!) her “doll” named “Carwie” would crush ’em all, but trust me, you don’t want to click on the link to see what she looks like. (Seriously.) Also: One of our nominees disagrees vehemently, and responds thusly: “My name is Talky Tina, and you’ll be sorry.

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