June 18, 2010 at 10:38 PM EDT

Picture, if you will, Ashton Kutcher as the Man of Steel. That’s what Kutcher invites us to do in a video that’s currently up on MTV’s Splash Page (and embedded after the jump) that was shot during a junket for Killers. In it, he describes a much skinnier version of himself donning the famous tights and reading lines with Keri Russell (as Lois Lane) for what was then Brett Ratner’s version of the Superman story. (Bryan Singer eventually went on to direct.) Kutcher is actually kind of endearing explaining why he thinks he looks weird in tights — saying “my legs are kind of not proportionate” — before launching into a credible impersonation of the superhero he thinks he can play — given the time to work out — He-Man. Would you buy Kutcher as He-Man? Or are you still recovering from Killers?

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