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New 'Predators' images: Beauty (Adrien Brody's body) and the beasts

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Image Credit: Rico TorresTons of new images from next month’s Predators have hit the Web. I suppose I should be talking about how badass the Predators look, but my eye was drawn to Adrien Brody, who clearly packed on major muscle for the role. Perhaps Fox should be showcasing that fact in all trailers — not just for the ladies, but for anyone who still likes to talk about the actors’ physiques in the 1987 original. I just went to Hulu to get the clip from the “Mac and Dennis Break Up” episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in which Dennis refuses to watch Predator again because Mac always launches into a conversation about body mass, and surprise!, the ad that played before it was Predators. Fate gets it. Watch that clip below, take a look at the photos, and tell us if Predators, produced by Robert Rodriguez and directed by Nimród Antal, now looks like it will do John McTiernan’s masterpiece, which made our list of the 25 greatest action films ever, justice.