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PopWatch Confessional: That first celebrity crush who'll always hold a special place in your heart

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Image Credit: Evans Ward/PictureGroupWatching the premiere of TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland last night (read Ken Tucker’s review), I was reminded of two things: How much I love series regular Wendie Malick’s delivery, and how much I love guest star John Schneider, period. He was my first celebrity crush. I used to watch The Dukes of Hazzard with my Dukes of Hazzard dinner tray, my plate carefully positioned over Daisy’s heaving bosom and Luke’s heavage so I could always see Bo. Last Christmas, when my mother got me a slightly rusty Dukes dinner tray off of eBay to replace the one I’d lost over the years, I cried. I’m 34. (The only other time I’ve ever teared up over a gift was when she got me a couple flying lessons in college — I was a Wings fan who thought it might someday be cool to be able to fly to a different state for breakfast like they’d done on the show.) That present made up for the fact that she can’t tell me anything about my first concert — John Schneider — which I insisted she take me to but don’t remember, and for her not photographing the hell out of the time two high school friends and I entered a Rock-A-Thon at the local mall with two of our rocking chairs tied together and outfitted in cardboard painted to look like the General Lee. (The third rocking chair was made to look like Boss Hogg’s white Cadillac DeVille convertible, complete with cardboard bull horns.).

All that said, it’s easy to understand why I still get a warm feeling anytime I see John Schneider. After roughly three decades, I don’t think that’s ever gonna change. Who was your first celebrity crush? Do they still hold a special place in your heart?