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Amy Winehouse's dad releases an album, unleashes inner Sinatra

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Image Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty ImagesMitch Winehouse, the father of that erstwhile beehive of trouble and talent, Amy Winehouse (now reportedly healthy and happy in her new sobriety) has a Rush of Love.

Specifically, that’s the title of his debut record, consisting mainly of covers, with four originals—””no album of the usual Rat Pack standards,” he insists, “it is jazz, swing, crooning.”

The onetime cab driver admits he wouldn’t be in the business at all if not for his very famous daughter: “”As far as I’m concerned, there was no other way into the industry for me, because, you know, I wasn’t even a singer when I was younger. Maybe I’m giving a big up to the geriatrics of the world. Never too late.”

You can watch a recent UK television performance of the actually very Rat-Pack-standard-y “Rush of Love to Heart,” after the jump. Granted, Papa Winehouse has historically been about as press-shy as Speidi when it comes to addressing the bits and bobs of his daughter’s private life, but he seems like a decent guy—one self-aware enough to tell the show’s host, “I’m not silly; I know I’ve got the gig cuz I’m Amy’s dad,” before launching into his breezy, Sinatra-lite “Rush”:

What do you think, readers—you know he’s no good, or not so bad? If your own offsprings’ connections and fame allowed you to release an album of mid-century standards, Neil Diamond songs done in the style of British pub reggae, or whatever it was that you most held musically dear, would you say no?

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