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Goodbye 'Little Orphan Annie,' fare thee well funnies

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In sad news for nostalgists everywhere, today marked the final column of the long-running Annie comic. After nearly 87 years of the freckle-faced orphan’s antics, she has sung her last “Too-mah-row, too-mah-row, I luv ya! Too-mah-row.” Who among us is old enough to remember the pleasure of your mother or father handing you over that brightly colored broadsheet in the morning so you could diligently check in on the happenings of Annie or Marmaduke or Blondie? It makes me feel all of 117 years old when I go on about the old days, but seriously, has orange juice ever tasted better than when washed down with a wistful serving of my beloved Calvin and Hobbes?

Well goodbye Annie… for now. Thanks for the memories, girl. I hope not to see you bastardized on some callous and glossy remake on the Disney channel one day. Tonight I’ll rent the 1982 movie in your honor. (From a video store no less! Take that progress.)

What say you PopWatchers? I wax affectionately and yet I didn’t even realize Annie was still being printed. Am I part of the problem? Do any of you still read newspaper comics, or better yet share them with your kids? Is Calvin and Hobbes the best newspaper comic of all time? Anyone out there care to stage an argument that the 1999 movie is in fact superior to the 1982? Didn’t think so.