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MTV Movie Awards: Movie mania

Katy Perry’s ”California Gurls,” Peter Facinelli’s colorful ‘Twilight’ acceptance speech, crazy antics from host Aziz Ansari, and more

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Thanks to foulmouthed stars and raunchy dance moves, this year’s MTV Movie Awards were as surprising as ever.

Who needs Brüno? Even without the shock factor of last year’s show — when Sacha Baron Cohen famously face-planted in Eminem’s lap — the MTV Movie Awards managed to deliver plenty of racy moments June 6. Tom Cruise reprised his cameo role in 2008’s Tropic Thunder, dressing up as Les Grossman and dirty-dancing with Jennifer Lopez. New Moon‘s Peter Facinelli kept it classy by larding his speech with the F-word. (No, not ”fangs.”) Christina Aguilera attempted to prove she’s as ”dirrty” as ever, belting out her new single while a bright neon heart blinked between her thighs. Oh, and they gave out some awards, too: In her first televised appearance in months, Sandra Bullock received the MTV Generation Award with characteristic charm (see page 18). And in a night full of wannabe watercooler moments, Ken Jeong provided a real one with his heartfelt acceptance speech and tribute to his wife.

Katy Perry’s feeling blue
She and Snoop Dogg gave hit single ”California Gurls” a memorable TV debut. And how about that blue wig? ”It’s probably because I’m going to be Smurfette one day,” Perry, who’s voicing the blue-hued beauty in the 2011 live-action Smurfs movie, told reporters backstage.

”Some people don’t like 3-D. I love 3-D. But, full disclosure, I also think headaches are dope.” — Host Aziz Ansari, taking aim at the 3-D movie craze

Peter Facinelli drops the F-bomb
The onscreen vampire was so giddy when New Moon won Best Movie that he let fly a string of exuberant swear words, only some of which were caught in time by the censors. (MTV later apologized.) As Facinelli tweeted, ”Someone needs to be quicker with that bleep button.”

Tom and J. Lo bust a move
Cruise brought back Les Grossman, the Ludacris-loving studio tyrant from Tropic Thunder, and showed off his surprisingly slick moves. Even more surprising: when Jennifer Lopez showed up for an old-school dance-off.

Putting the XXX in Xtina
Christina Aguilera has some very hands-on backup dancers! The singer was fondled during her performance of ”Not Myself Tonight,” the first single off her new album, Bionic.

Will Ferrell gets high
He and The Other Guys costar Mark Wahlberg were lowered from the ceiling, narrowly avoiding a repeat of last year’s Brüno incident.

Twilight kiss cam!
Did they or didn’t they? It sure looked like press-shy duo Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart shared an onstage smooch.

Ken Jeong’s moving speech
We expected humor from The Hangover‘s breakout costar. But Jeong brought the heart as well, dedicating his Best WTF Moment Award to his wife, Tran, a breast cancer survivor. ”She taught me that life is short, and don’t be afraid to take chances.” Later he told reporters, ”She is the brave one — my best friend, my inspiration.”

How Crazy Did It Get? By the numbers:

Number of times a curse word was bleeped

Number of times MTV failed to bleep a f —ing curse

Number of pelvic thrusts (Thanks, Tom!)

Number of other simulated sex acts (Thanks, Xtina!)