Jeff Jensen
June 11, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

AMC, July 25, 10 p.m.

Where we left off: After learning that their British-owned ad agency was about to be sold, Roger (John Slattery), Bert (Robert Morse), Don (Jon Hamm), and Lane (Jared Harris) conspired to create a new company. Joining them were most of the other series regulars: Peggy (Elisabeth Moss), Pete (Vincent Kartheiser), Joan (Christina Hendricks), and Harry (Rich Sommer). On the home front…well, there is no more home front, as Don agreed to Betty’s (January Jones) request for a divorce.

What’s Next: ”It was a pretty ballsy move to blow up the agency at the end of the season,” says Slattery. ”We’re basically starting from scratch.” Notoriously tight-lipped Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner won’t reveal much more. ”The theme of the season is ‘Who am I?’ It’s about stripping away the things that these people think define them. Once they’re taken away, they just may have to look at who they really are.” As for Don and Betty, who was last seen flying to Reno with new lover Henry Francis (Christopher Stanley), Weiner says their failed marriage ”will take the next logical form. Their relationship was full of conflict. None of it has been resolved.”

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