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'Drop Dead Diva': Hot summer TV

Lifetime’s returning dramedy turns up the heat

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Lifetime, Sundays, 9 p.m.

Where we left off: Deceased model Deb’s soul was finally getting comfortable in Jane’s (Brooke Elliott) body and cozying up to fellow lawyer Tony (The Office‘s David Denman). And then, in the June 6 premiere, Jane narrowly escaped being disbarred for reporting a client’s crime and told off her secret husband, Ethan (My So-Called Life‘s Devon Gummersall).

What’s next: While guest stars Leelee Sobieski and Cybill Shepherd show up at Jane’s firm for legal advice and Rosie O’Donnell returns as a judge, romance will heat up for Jane and Tony — up to and including their long-awaited ”weekend in Napa” (Diva code for sex). ”They do get to go to Napa,” Elliott says, ”and it’s a fun experience for Jane to find out how life works in this new body.”

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