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Season finale award results are in! Need to tweak your votes after 'Glee' and 'Justified'?

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Image Credit: Adam Rose/Fox; Prashant Gupta/FXIt’s not our fault that Glee and Justified didn’t wrap during the heart of finale season. That said, now that their first seasons have come to a close, browse through the results of our reader-voted season finale awards, and let us know if your nominations would have been different had you seen their final hours (or any other stragglers’ final hours) first. Had we a Cool as S— category (note for next year!), last night’s Justified bloodbath would have my vote. SPOILERS: From Arlo (Raymond J. Barry) turning to pull his gun on his son Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) only to find Raylan already pointing his at him, to Raylan lying on the floor of Bo’s cabin beneath a window and firing two bullets up into the cartel muscle as he opened it — so badass. Literally, I cheered at that kill. Raylan has kept his firearm holstered a lot more this season than I would’ve expected, so I was ready to see him use it. Especially when I’d felt like I had a phantom gun on my hip that entire hour. If someone had knocked on my door while I was watching that episode, no doubt in my mind that I would have fake drawn it.

What existing categories would I have nominated Justified for? Maybe Single Most Clever Twist for Boyd (Walton Goggins) not being full of s— after all re: his religious conversion. Did you ever think you’d feel sorry for him? Watching his daddy Bo have him beaten — so painful. Boyd burying his followers after his daddy had then hung up in trees and shot, then asking if he’s just been talking to himself this whole time — wow. I’d also have to give it my nod for Most Rewound Moment for the brilliantly written shootout scene at the end, and specifically, the exchange between Raylan and bleeding Boyd after the cartel duo waiting outside the cabin said they only wanted Raylan.

Raylan: I’m Raylan Givens.

Boyd: No, I’m Raylan Givens.

Raylan: You tryin’ to be funny?

Boyd: A little.

Let’s just stop and remember that at the end of the Elmore Leonard short story Justified is based on, Boyd died. Thank god he lived through the pilot, so we got to see Goggins and Olyphant in more scenes together. That is the beginning of a beautiful and — fingers crossed — Emmy-nominated friendship.

Your turn. Any changes to your ballot?

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