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Helen Thomas just likes to tell people to go home

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Oh, how I miss the days when Helen Thomas was known as that sweet old White House correspondent who always got to ask the first question at press conferences. You know, before she told RabbiLIVE.com at the May 27 Jewish Heritage Celebration that Jewish people should “get the hell out of Palestine…Go home. [To] Poland. Germany. And America and everywhere else.” But, as evidenced by this 2009 report from The Daily Show‘s John Oliver (watch it after the jump), Thomas just likes to tell people to go home, guys! Said Thomas to Oliver after he asked about Obama’s work-out schedule, “I don’t know where you came from, but wherever it is, you should go home.”

Do you think the retiring Thomas owns a pair of ruby red slippers?

No matter how you currently feel about Thomas, there’s no denying the briefing room will be far less interesting without her. Or that’s my take anyway. How about you?