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'Voltron' returning to TV. What other toys deserve a comeback?

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Hey, kids of the 1980s, guess what? The defender of the universe — that’s right, Voltron — is coming back to the small screen, and to your local Toys “R” Us. Variety reports that rather than bring kid’s franchise Voltron to the big screen right away (à la Transformers and G.I. Joe), rights holders World Events Prods and Classic Media have decided to launch an animated Nicktoons series, as well as a Mattel toy line.

Seems to be the in vogue move these days — a ThunderCats series will air on Cartoon Network, while The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will find a slot on Nickelodeon. (Since I was about two years too old for Power Rangers and never watched, can someone explain to me why the “Morphin” is without a “g”? Please, give me an answer that makes sense so I can scrap this off my pet peeve list!) It’s certainly a smart way to develop a built-in audience — if any studio were to transform existing TV show My Little Pony into a feature film when I was young, I probably would have picked up, oh, 30 tickets so I could watch it alongside the 29 ponies I played with in the bathtub. (Thanks to commenter Auriana for reminding me that there was, indeed, a My Little Pony movie. Not sure where my head was. Ponyland, perhaps?)

But my question is: Where does Rainbow Brite fit in all of this? Is Joel McHale the only person willing to bring her back to the small screen? (Just look at the longing look in her eye!) And what franchises would you like to see return to TV?


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