Annie Barrett
June 03, 2010 AT 04:39 PM EDT

TBS debuted Are We There Yet? — a sitcom picking up from where the Ice Cube movie left off — with two half-hour episodes Wednesday night. Nick (Terry Crews, Everybody Hates Chris) and Suzanne (Essence Atkins, who played Dee Dee on Half and Half) have recently married, and her two kids haven’t warmed to him yet except for during a split second when he hands them each a roll of cash. So far, it’s one of those not-so-unique television experiences during which you can’t decide what’s more offensive: the clunky dialogue or the booming laugh track giving it a mechanized wallop on the back in support. In “The Hyphenated Name,” Nick criticizes Suzanne’s choice of unsexy bedtime wear (pictured): During the day, she’s Halle Berry, but at night she turns into…Tyler Perry. LAUGH TRACK.

Bright spots included former UPN Girlfriend Keesha Sharp as Suzanne’s BFF (I appreciate her spunk but wish she wouldn’t co-sign on all of Nick’s sexist opinions; it’s like watching the same discussion twice), Family Matters‘ Telma Hopkins as Nick’s mom (think a hybrid of Cougar Town‘s Barb and Ugly Betty‘s Wilhelmina Slater), and one of those amazing Sitcom Refrigerators with rows upon rows of carefully arranged bottled beverages. I’ve always wanted one of those fridges. I guess I could realistically create one for myself. But then where would the food go?

Are We There Yet? could have potential down the line, but right now it’s a big ol’ mess. BOO TRACK FOR ANNIE. Anyone else catch the first two episodes?

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