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'The Good Wife' finale phone call: Reactions wanted

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Over on Ken Tucker’s TV blog, we have an eloquent, thought-provoking critique of last night’s season 1 finale of The Good Wife. Here, I just want to know what you were doing while watching those final moments (relive them again below). Me, I was laying on my couch, literally kicking and screaming. The beauty/danger of watching a show you DVR’d is it’s easy to lose track of where you are in the hour when you don’t have a clock telling you it’s 10:59. There was a tiny part of me that didn’t think it was time to end on the cliffhanger of whether Alicia would answer Will’s second call to hear his “plan” or ignore the ring and step onstage to support Peter. (That was the part of me shouting a “Do not do it!” warning at the TV, willing the episode not to stop there, and kicking the sofa cushion because, of course, deep down I love that the writers got me to that unglued place.)

What was your reaction?

I also found myself wondering if Will opened that $8,000 wine for liquid courage (if so, I hope he drank more than a sip) or because you only open a bottle like that on a special occasion — and manning up, at that moment, counted.

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