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Jesse Eisenberg joins '30 Minutes or Less': What is your favorite pizza pop culture moment?

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Image Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty ImagesIt’s impossible to know how a movie will turn out, but based solely on the names involved, next summer’s comedy 30 Minutes or Less could make for a tasty night at the cinema. According to Variety, Jesse Eisenberg has joined Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride in the film, which is about criminals who force a pizza delivery man to rob a bank…in 30 minutes or less. The film’s directed by Eisenberg’s Zombieland helmer, Ruben Fleisher. 30 Minutes seems to have all the right ingredients to become a great comedy. By which I mean, it’s about pizza.

Pizza has a uniquely fantastic history in pop culture. It’s a symbol of barely repressed racial issues in Do the Right Thing. It’s the secret weapon and sole vice of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s the inspiration for a classic Sesame Street song, sung here by a dead-eyed Elmo doll. Dean Martin was known to claim that, if the moon happens to hit your eye like a big pizza pie, then that is what the Italians call amore. One of the best minigames in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City had you delivering pizzas.

But when it comes to pizza in pop culture, Spaceballs reigns supreme. The brief but pivotal appearance of Pizza the Hut gets my vote for Best Pizza Moment because, even though the puppet looks ridiculously grotesque, it still makes me feel very, very hungry. Mmm, greasy pizza…

What’s your favorite appearance by pizza, PopWatchers? And are you excited about 30 Minutes or Less?