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'Dancing With the Stars': The season 10 winner is...

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SPOILER ALERT: We have a DWTS Prom King or Queen! One of the game-faced Stars who descended from the sparkly ether to the ballroom in the mirrorballed Cinderella pumpkin carriage to your right has just achieved total world domination via the magical, mystical powers of the most beautiful knob of hardened glitter in all the land. Your season 10 Dancing With the Stars champion is…

Nicole Scherzinger and her partner Derek Hough! The Pussycat Doll ended up with 115 total points to the Olympic Goldster’s 108, and the viewer vote couldn’t save Evan Lysacek. Cue the confetti…MADE OF FIRE!

Got any burning questions for Nicole? Leave ’em in the comments within the next few minutes — they’re calling me on the way to the airport.

Discuss the season 10 finale in the comments below. In the meantime, fall down the Planet Mirrorballus rabbit hole with Your Hidden Gems of the Finals, or relive Monday’s performance episode with this morning’s full TV recap and this afternoon’s Crazy Costumes photo gallery.

I’ll see you tomorrow morning, when my last recap of the season is (scream it with me, DANCMSTRs…) liiiiiiiiiiiiive!

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