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'Celebrity Apprentice' has some hidden gems, too

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After toiling for weeks as a lowly apprentice miner, Dalton Ross had become really jealous of my total domination over EW.com’s Hidden Gems Emporium. So he’s thrilled to call these two audience-based gems from last night’s Celebrity Apprentice finale to your attention: Bret’s father also insists on pairing formalwear with a trusty bandana, and another Bret enthusiast has crazy Kid ‘N Play hair.

Which gem is of greater value, appraisers? I have to go with Adult ‘N Play. The coif is so teased and airy that a few inches on top have taken on a light purple haze. Add the element of his roots to that, and his entire essence becomes that of Neapolitan ice cream. A rare treat!

Dalton’s recap: Bret is back! Is he a winner?

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett