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'Grey's Anatomy' finale: Remember where it all began...

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If you’re like us, you watched last night’s wrenching Grey’s Anatomy finale wondering: Where the heck did all this gunman’s rage come from? Well, it began among much sexier storylines such as Alex’s secret brother showing up, Callie pining for a baby, and April crushing on Derek. In fact, you’ll see from this clip (from the April 1 episode “Sympathy for the Parents”) that April and Lexie could barely wait to bolt from the room when future hospital-shooter Gary Clark was getting the news about his wife’s euthanasia wishes — and it wasn’t even because they were so emotionally drained from his pain, but because they were itching to talk more about April having the hots for Lexie’s brother-in-law. The Gary Clark stuff starts around 2:30 here:

At any rate, now you can at least see where it all began. And while you’re still pondering how Grey’s can still be so damn good sometimes, you should also click over to read creator Shonda Rhimes’ fascinating blog post on her thoughts while writing the two-hour drama-fest. That lady knows how to make some good TV.