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The Bullseye: May 28, 2010

”Modern Family,” Kate Beckinsale, and ”The Adjustment Bureau” made pop culture news this week

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· Dear Modern Family, will you adopt us?
· Kellan Lutz shows off his underwear: Never been happier to see London and France
· On Mike Posner’s single ”Cooler Than Me,” he sings, ”If I could write you a song to make you fall in love…” He just did.
· FunnyOrDie.com’s ”Golden Girls XXX parody.” Thank you for being a pervert.
· The Adjustment Bureau trailer: Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in a trippy, Matrix-y thriller? Yeah, we’re there.

· For bashing her employees, a judge sentences Naomi Campbell to one night in this dress.
· Demi vs. Selena. Kind of like Britney vs. Christina except we don’t care.
· Old Kids on the Dock (formerly known as New Kids on the Block)
· Kate Beckinsale still wearing her Underworld costumes.

· AWOL satellite threatens to black out cable service. Well, that’s one way of getting rid of the Real Housewives.
· Bad week for good guys: Heroes canceled, and they lose Survivor.
· This headline: Jason Alexander Loses 30 Lbs., Shows Off Spandex-Ready Body
· Law & Order, the cha-CHUNG tolls for thee.
· The Marmaduke trailer’s dancing dogs make us miss the gritty realism of Marley & Me.
· Heidi and Spencer reportedly won’t leave their unkempt home. They must have realized that Hoarders is the only show that will still have them.
· Leona Lewis/Jennifer Hudson duet called ”Love Is Your Color” because the title ”Butchered, Dumb Metaphor” was already taken.