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At the CW upfront: What do 'Nikita,' 'Hellcats,' and Katy Perry have in common?

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The CW is now “TV For Generation D” — as in “digital,” not “depressed” or “dismayed” or name-your-favorite-“d”-word. The CW is for “the generation that doesn’t know the difference between a TV screen and a computer screen.” (Is this something to brag about?) “The CW is the cool place to be.”

All of this came spouting from the mouths of CW executives as they sold their new schedule to advertisers this morning in New York’s Madison Square Garden.

But not before Katy Perry came bouncing out to perform two songs and yell, “Is it too early in the morning to stand up and have some f—in’ fun?”

Apparently it was and it wasn’t: A slow tidal wave of audience members eventually lumbered to their feet.

That Katy Perry — she has more pep than a cheerleader. Perhaps as much as the cheerleaders in Hellcats, one of only two new shows the CW will premiere in the fall, about a pre-law student who becomes a cheerleader to qualify for a college scholarship.

Hellcats has bare midriffs abounding, firmed to appeal to the 18-34 demo that the CW promotes itself as attracting more than any other network.

The other midriff-baring CW show is Nikita, the latest iteration of the hot-girl-assassin concept, starring Maggie Q as the martial-arts-prone, poker-faced fighter.

The tone of these two new shows was a stark contrast: Where Hellcats seemed light, often cheery, and aware of its energetic fluffiness, Nikita seemed poker-faced, striving for tragic poignance (it looks as though Nikita has a dead boyfriend). Maggie Q can certainly make those fight moves convincing, though. Either of these new shows might make you — well, not stand up, but sit back and have some effin’ fun, to paraphrase Katy Perry, who deserves to be the official queen of the CW and much more.