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Betty White on 'The Middle': Never underestimate the importance of penmanship

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Continuing with her own 2010 Rainbow Tour, Betty White popped up on the season finale of The Middle last night as tyrannical librarian Mrs. Nethercott. She was determined to destroy Brick Heck (Atticus Shaffer), who despite being a voracious reader, had a tendency to return dirty library books.

From her reading glasses necklace to the colorful “I <3 Books" pin on her pink cardigan, White completely fit the role of librarian. But while she just oozes cuteness, it was fun to see her play a slightly evil character (like she did in her "Scared Straight" skit on SNL). Her literary-themed threats were particularly funny: “You have until Walt Whitman’s birthday…” (That’s May 31st for anyone who’s curious. Less than two weeks to get your gifts!). She was serious about her job and sought to instill fear in even the most accomplished second grader. If Brick did not return all 31 of his library books, Mrs. Nethercott would prevent him from advancing to the third grade — you know the year when you learn all those important life skills…like cursive. “You think you can make it out in the real world without cursive? You can’t!”

The introduction of Mrs. Nethercott was the brightest spot of last night’s otherwise “average” season finale. (Did Sue getting hit by a deer bring back memories of Rory Gilmore?). Brick may have been victorious this time, but could there be another librarian-student showdown in the near future? (“I hear third graders get to come to the library even more!” Brick devilishly exclaimed.). We can only hope.

Did you catch Betty White on The Middle, PopWatchers? What did you think of the show’s first season? What other shows should Betty White guest star on?