Kate Ward
May 19, 2010 at 07:44 PM EDT

No doubt, MacGruber is compiling a pen, piece of gum, and some WD-40 in an attempt to make the Internet explode so we don’t have to see these NSFW pictures from his old nude modeling days. As he says on his Twitter: “So bummed. Some of my old modeling pics just surfaced. The website http://www.wwtdd.com/ can go to hell! Nobody go there!” Except, we’re all going there, MacGruber. And trying really, really hard to believe your insistence that “it was really really warm in that room!”

I’m not sure where this little stunt originated — the studio tells EW the photos are not part of a formal marketing campaign — but it’s still making me a wee bit more excited about MacGruber‘s opening. (Note: Any dirty puns in that sentence were not intended.) Even if the Photoshop is iffy. So I guess we’ll have to consult Nanna MacGruber to find out what his real “micro-penis” looks like.

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