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A love letter to Ryan Gosling (the hipster Ryan Reynolds?)

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Thank goodness Ryan Gosling has a movie coming out, because if it weren’t for all the press he has to do for Blue Valentine (which co-stars Michelle Williams and looks incredible) we might’ve missed the chance to see just how much the actor — who’s relatively undetected by paparazzi in his off time — has evolved into such a stand-out stud.

I know most every girl on this planet fell in love with Gosling after The Notebook, but my Gosling-love goes back to the days of UPN and a little-watched show called Breaker High, in which Gosling played the goofy, yet lovable dork Sean. (Full disclosure: When the network canceled the show, I sent them an angry letter and forged more than 100 names of people who “watched” the show and wanted it on.)

So you can imagine how I swooned when I laid eyes on the handsome actor en route to and at the Cannes Film Festival (pictured). My middle school crush was all grown up, and lookin’ fine, I might add. One minute he’s sporting an effortless ensemble of retro shades and ratty (but cool, of course) sneakers, and the next he’s ready for his close-up in a crisp white button-down on the French Riviera.

Gosling’s studliness calls to mind another great Ryan — Ryan Reynolds, who we love here at EW. Dare I say Gosling is the hipster Reynolds? What do you guys think? And how are we feeling about Gosling’s (official) initiation into the handsome devil category?

Photo: NPG.com; Michael Buckner/Getty Images