May 17, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

Four couples left! Evan Lysacek (pictured in an attempt to win the Gellar Cup via the power of his and Anna’s futuristic cha cha), Erin Andrews, Chad Ochocinco, and Nicole Scherzinger have made it to the semifinals of Dancing With the Stars season 10. Tom Bergeron will probably give them his typical career-appropriate nicknames like “The Golden Boy,” “The Sideline Sweetheart,” “The Football Stud,” and “The Pussycat Doll,” but I wish he would switch/swish it up a bit. May I propose “The Census Taker of Jiggly Bits,” “The Feather Duster from Beauty and the Beast,” “The Moonlighting Jeweler,” and “Princess Sparkle Jr.“? Everyone would know exactly what he meant!

Discuss the Week 9 performance show and nominate your Hidden Gems of the Week here, then come back tomorrow morning for my full recap and Crazy Costume Watch photo gallery!

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