May 13, 2010 at 06:03 PM EDT

Jon Stewart’s interview with his old friend (!) Michael Patrick King is well worth watching. They were having a blast! “I love your delicate teamster comedy,” King marveled, patting Stewart on the arm. The two used to be stand-up buddies, way back in another lifetime before King had come out of the closet or created a hit HBO series about four sexy beasts who end up deserting the big city for the actual desert. Listen to all of Michael Patrick King’s innuendos! He is such a Samantha. Video after the jump.

Lewis Black’s rant against Glenn Beck is tremendous, too. “It’s Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, except Kevin Bacon is Hitler.” I’m basically posting this because my dad is a Black fan and I want him to see it. I could have just dropped the link in an email to him but, you know, two birds, etc. You should watch it!

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