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Justin Bieber lights up 'Oprah'

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I haven’t been 16 years old in a long time, so watching Justin Bieber on yesterday’s Oprah was a surreal experience for these aging eyes. Bieber grinning. Girls squealing. Oprah fawning. Sometimes you see a teenage superstar and you walk away thinking, “I can’t believe he’s only 16.” With Bieber, though, it’s more like, “He’s definitely 16. He screams 16. He’ll always be 16.”

In reality, though, there’s nothing “16” about his life. He told Oprah that he gets at least one day off each week “to be a regular kid,” but then said in the next breath that he sometimes just spends that day sleeping because he’s so exhausted. Fun.

At least he still gets disciplined by his mom, who takes away his cell phone if he ever acts up and shuts down his computer at 10:30 every night. “She’ll slap me in the face,” he joked, when asked if he ever used the “But I’m Justin Bieber!” attitude with his mom.

It’s easy to see why Bieber has so many fans. Even Oprah was a little giddy. If you watched the show, was this your first encounter with Bieber-fever? Were you a little scared for him, like I was?