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'True Blood' minisode: Sookie and Tara, blah, blah, blah Lafayette!

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A new True Blood minisode has premiered exclusively on TV.com. The scene, which time-wise fits into the season 2 finale, shows Sookie showing Tara the purple dress Bill bought her to wear to their fancy dinner. You know, the dinner during which he proposed and got kidnapped. Tara wants to know where Bill gets all his money, and the girls start fighting because Sookie knows things about Eggs that Tara doesn’t and doesn’t judge him. (R.I.P., Eggs.) Sookie eventually calls Tara racist for being afraid of Bill just because he’s a vampire. You can imagine how well that goes over. Luckily, Lafayette is present for comic relief: “Bitches, you both is pretty.” I may have missed him most of all (after Eric, of course). You?

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