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Lunchtime Poll: Better 'Friends' reference?

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“To be blunt, ‘Jeff and Britta’ is no ‘Ross and Rachel.’ Your sexual tension and lack of chemistry are putting us all on edge, which is why, ironically — and hear this on every level — you’re keeping us from being friends.” — Abed (Danny Pudi) in Community

“My second favorite episode: Monica’s making dinner. And Joey is mad at Chandler because Chandler made out with his girlfriend. So Joey says, ‘Get in the box.’ I forgot to tell you. There’s a box. Oh, and it’s Thanksgiving day so they get ready to eat — what does Ross and Rachel do? Oh, they’re fighting — so Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe are all together. Although is Phoebe there? Yes, so…” –Leslie (Amy Poehler) in Parks and Recreation

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