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Kevin Durand, a.k.a. Keamy from 'Lost,' will play bad guy again on big screen

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lost‘s Keamy has nabbed roles in two different Dreamworks sci-fi movies. (I know his name is Kevin Durand, but sorry, to me he’s Keamy, the cold-blooded killer responsible for the deaths of Danielle, Karl, and Alex.) And in at least one of the films, I Am Number Four, the actor will play a baddie — specifically, an alien who hunts down another group of aliens peacefully hiding out on Earth. (In the other, Real Steel, he will play a promoter of robot boxing. If it’s anything like Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em, I’m in!)

As a Lost fan, I’d prefer never seeing Keamy’s face again — I still hate him after his brutal slaying of Alex (yes, it still stings) — but I like seeing the actor build his big-screen career (he also played The Blob in last year’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and I’m kind of hoping he keeps playing baddies. Don’t get me wrong: I never want to see an actor stereotyped, but Keamy — er, Durand — plays evil so well, I’d hate to see his talents wasted. (It’s almost as if our “The Bad Man Scares Me!” category was custom-made just for Durand.) Of course, once we see him play good guy Little John in Ridley Scott’s upcoming Robin Hood, I could change my tune. There is, however, nothing “little” about those guns. And by guns, I mean biceps, naturally.

Who else is hoping he whips out the tank top once again for his two sci-fi roles?